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Aidilfitri 2009 Oldies Cookies Selection

Salam n Hi!

Now, we proudly present Sweetheart Cake n Cookies 1st project, our yummylicious, lip-smacking cookies and a must have home-bake n semestinya handmade cookies for this Aidilfitri.

You may now place order by email or text me or juz gimme a call @ 017-3557012, u also may ping me at ym if u see me online.

Before that, u may wanna know cookies selection offered, so.. below are the most special cookies that u must place it on ur table during hari raya.. hehe...

Pineapple Tart (Tat Nenas)

Specially bake for traditional tart lover. You can feel the smooth and tasty texture even baby without teeth can eat this tart, its so smooth and silky!

Some of my fren do comment, they said "Rangup tapi lembut" hmm.. yang mana satu nih?? 2 in 1 feeling u can experience in 1 bite, how mystery.. crunchy-luscious..

Not to forget the pineapple jam, its so delicious sampai dh separuh balang pun tak sedar ok. So, if u wanna experience the mysterious feeling and the lip-smacking Tart, order it now!

Choc Chips with Hazel and Walnut (Cip Coklat bersama kacang hazel dan walnut)

Not so traditional and not so modern la, Sweetheart's choc chips is the best recipe ever, not to compare with the famous amos, since they already famous around d world, even all my family members and some fren do said that my choc chips cookies are closed to famous amos.

Sweetheart's choc chips is one of the family favorite since 1998 and famous amos is my idol. How i wish that i cud run my own cookies store juz like famous amos. How i wish! Doakan ye.. :)

London Almond (Badam London??)

Dun ask me why this cookies name is London, I oso dunno liou.. I know London Almond since primary school. Maybe almond famous kat London or originally fr London kot..hmm cud be..

London Almond very leceh wan.. to mix all the ingredient very easy, but to bentukkan dia very leceh and somemore, nak celupkan choc then tabur almond nibs pulak lagi.. huh b4 that, whole almond and almond nibs need to bakar 1st, emm.. baru la crunchy...

Lots of kid love London Almond, but lots of mama dun wanna bake it, not b'coz they dunno how, but they dun hv time to layan dis leceh cookies... so, order la now..!

Mix Fruits Cookies (Biskut Buah-Buahan Campuran)

Mix Fruits Cookies is very unique and healthy cookies' recipe ever. For mix fruit and healthy food lover, this is special made for u. Its gud for body health and mind too because it contain raisin and sultana.

Raisin and Sultana are well known nutritious snack for ur kids and of coz for urself. So lets start to give the best for u n ur family!

Nutty Sweetheart (Biskut Kacang)

hehe..saje je mengcommercialkan nama biskut kacang nih. Actually this cookies got lots of name, ade yang panggil kuih or biskut kacang, ade jg yg panggil biskut mazola, ade yang panggil ape ntah lg lah.. what ever pun nama dia.. still guna ground nut jg.. cume maybe other ingredient tak sama.. like biskut mazola klu tak silap dia guna minyak yg brand mazola tu kot.. abis kalau pas2 nih dah tak de jual nnt, nak guna pe ee.. kat recipe dah tulis minyak mazola.. ha cane??

So, Nutty Sweetheart ni special made for nuts lover, and sure u will love it, bcoz memang rich with nut, rasa kacang sesangt tau... So hurry get 1 for urself!

Cornflakes Cookies (Biskut Emping Jagung??)

On 1998, we used to make cornflakes cookies using chocolate, but failed, the cornflakes macam lemau, bkn macam, memang lemau dan lembik. Dunno y lah.. After that, we refuse to make cornflakes cookies ever again. Never jadi wan.. Cornflakes with honey oso tak jadi tau..

Then, a few years a go, out of the blue, my sister try to make cornflakes with flour, since cornflakes with chocolate and honey sudah tak jadi kan.. (she never give-up on trying)
Finally, she successfully bakes the crunchiness cornflakes cookies.

And now, in 2009 after juz a few years, my sister and her hubby decide to concentrate on 'Bakar Lemang' only. So she passes me the cornflakes cookies recipe, created by her. Even this is my 1st year to make cornflakes cookies, dun worry, my sister will supervise me.. hehe..(supervise ke tolong wat terus)

Okies.. all together, we have 6 selection of cookies to take home fresh from the oven.. haha..
start to place order now..!

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