Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweethearts cakes - 1st attemp


This is my 1st attemp for cakes, hehe.. how is it?
OK tak.. comment la skit..
am sure will improve time to time.. pray for me ya..
thanks for d continuous support!

then, below are my 2nd attemp, baked for Jessie's boyfren's Birthday..
in 1 nite, Jessie, her sister and i baked Pineapple tart and moist choc cake for her boyfren
its so relief when she said, her family n her boyfren love both cake n tart.
thanks Jessie for ur support.


  1. wow! such a nice heart-shape choc cake!
    how many kilogram ? how much is the price ?

  2. hee..thanks ya.. :D
    about the price, i'll update later in this blog after office hour. Sorry for inconvenience caused, am still working on it.
    Thanks again. :)