Thursday, December 3, 2009

All in one

All prepared within 24hrs, perghh lama ok.. , wat kejap, tido kejap.
Got 3types of topping - Princess cake using fondant, big heart shape using freshcream, round shape n cupcakes using Choc ganache topping and buttercream for deco, so 4 types lah.. not 3, n ini la jadinye bile sume pun nak wat.. hasilnye pun hmm.. ok la kot..huhu.. comment la skit, klu tak komen means ok, tp takkan la ok kan...

Chocolate Walnut Cake with Freshcream, special for my parent's 37th Anniversary - 25th November 1972.

Orange Flavor Princess Doll Cake with fondant topping for my niece 4th Birthday celebration. This is my 1st time using fondant for topping. Ok ke?

Medium size cupcakes with very limited idea, dah buntu tak tau ape nk wat sempena Aidiladha nih.. these are Choc cupcakes with ganache topping + buttercream for very d simple deco, utk sendiri makan je, ok je la..


  1. wow! nice... i like the heart-shaped cake!

    btw, the doll cake.. it is just on a flat board ? what is that green stuff you put as the floor for the doll to stand on ?

  2. Thanks..
    yeah cake board top with fondant