Friday, October 7, 2011

My New Baby

ihihi..this is not so new for our walk in customer, but i baru nk publish in this blog since my baby ni sgt mendapat sambutan yg menggalakkan.. customer yg dah penah rasa mmg repeat dtg beli ada yg dtg dari jauh semata-mata utk beli this cake..I call it Chocolate Surprise!!
so.. now my online customer also can enjoy this order now..!!!
Chocolate Surprise
taraaa...ini lah rupa dia.. simple but really yummy!!!
sama ngan nama dia Surprise, sambutan cake ni mmg men'surprise'kn i..ihihi...

Chocolate Surprise - yummy texture
mcm ni lah texture dlm nyer.. ada 4layer cake with 3layer yummy cream with luxury choc at every layer n garnished with Chocolate Ganache for only RM55 for 1kg and RM30 for 1/2kg
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