Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1st cake that make me wanna cry...!!!!

The BIG ROSES Wedding Cake.. yup these cakes makes me wanna cry..huhuhu.. 1st time buat big rose nih.. pening kepala tak tau where n how to start.. jam dah kul 4am, org dh nk kawen kul 11am cemnaa ni..
tp alhamdulillah.. after 5 hours.. combine ngan my sister.. dia kesian tgk my pity face..dia pon tolong la skali.
taraaaa.. ini lah hasilnye..

these wedding cake ordered by my x-officemate masa keje Parker Randall Chartered Accountant dulu.. Thanks Surya for order n trust on me ..tenkiu2 muahhhh...

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